"Queen of my heart"
hader, 18, my tumblr is about Kristen Stewart, she is my queen, she is my everything, I’m deeply in love with her and other multifandom, this is my personal blog

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There is sweet music here that softer falls
Than petals from blown roses on the grass,
Or night-dews on still waters between walls
Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass.

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If I had to bleed to save them, I would do it. I would die to do it, like the third wife. I had no silver dagger in my hand, but I would find a way.

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”I’m asked all the time in interviews about who I am, and I know a few people my age who have a strong sense of self, but I couldn’t say I know myself and sum it up and give it to you in a little package. I don’t know myself at all yet.”

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